Blackwood Technology is partnering with:

Eskom generates approximately 95% of the electricity used in South Africa and approximately 45% of the electricity used in Africa. Additional power stations and major power lines are being built to meet rising electricity demand in South Africa. Eskom is planning to include biomass as part of its renewable fuel mix for power generation. It has identified torrefaction as a key enabling technology for biomass co-firing.


Riversedge Developments
Riversedge Developments is a restorative development company specializing in the integrated revitalization of distressed industrial properties. With the potential for transforming the regions woody biomass into a regenerative energy resource providing economic growth and innovation, Riversedge Developments, the Moose Cree First Nation and Blackwood Technology have signed Memorandums of Understanding to assess regional feedstock conversion capacity and the business case for a torrefaction plant at Iroquois Falls in Ontario, Canada.


Blackwood Technology is participant in the following R&D programs:

Torrefaction 2.0
Blackwood participates in a consortium to further develop its torrefaction technology and to develop the application of torrefied biomass in the decentralized heating market. This project is supported by a support grant from the Dutch Province of Gelderland.



The TKI Biobased Energy (TKI BBE) is an agency that supports the development of the Dutch biobased economy . Under auspices of the TKI BBE, Blackwood Technology participates in several projects.



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