License Blackwood's Torrefaction Technology

Are you interested in developing a torrefaction plant using proven industrial scale technology? Blackwood Technology has developed world class torrefaction technology to produce high quality torrefied biofuel from renewable biomass feedstock. We offer a comprehensive torrefaction technology licensing package which allows our customers to exploit our proprietary and leading torrefaction technology.

Our scope of supply includes:

  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Delivery of key equipment of the Blackwood Torrefaction System (“BTS”), including multi-stage reactor system, combustor, product cooling and process control system
  • Installation support, working closely together with client’s EPC partner during construction phase
  • Commissioning, training and start-up support
  • User License for using Blackwood’s proprietary torrefaction technology

The Blackwood Torrefaction System can be part of a greenfield torrefied pellet plant or can be added as a module to an existing regular wood pellet plant.

torrefaction technology licensing