Conduct Feasibility Studies

Are you interested in understanding how torrefaction can impact your business? Blackwood draws on its unparalleled knowledge and experience of torrefaction to assist you in the evaluation of the use of this technology. We have conducted feasibility studies for:

  • Wood pellet plant owners, who want to add a torrefaction line
  • Project developers, who want to build a torrefaction plant
  • Forestry owners and parties with access to large volumes of agro-residues
  • Coal power plant operators, who want to replace fossil coal by biomass
  • Trading companies, which are interested in setting up a supply chain of torrefied pellets

Industrial scale torrefaction can add significant value to existing forestry businesses and has the power to transform the economics biomass-to-energy supply chain. To understand the benefits, risks, investment requirements and potential process changes, feasibility studies are a cost effective way to evaluate a business case for a torrefied pellet plant. With our accumulated know-how and operational torrefaction experience, Blackwood is the ideal partner for such feasibility studies. We provide an expert view on the potential of torrefaction in your specific business environment. We evaluate different options and give detailed insights on how torrefaction can be implemented into your operations.

Blackwood offers its customers not only torrefaction expertise, but also black pellet co-firing experience. Blackwood’s predecessor Topell Energy produced the torrefied pellets for the first large scale co-firing test of torrefied biomass in the Amer 9 power station of RWE Generation in 2013. We have also conducted co-firing tests with other utilities in Europe.

Through its partnership with South African utility Eskom, Blackwood is also able to offer its customers co-milling and co-firing testing in Eskom’s RT&D center in Johannesburg.

Our feasibility studies may involve:

  • Assessment of existing processes and value chain
  • Testing of available biomass feedstock for torrefaction suitability
  • Evaluation of technical implications in your existing production processes
  • Costing estimates (apex and opex)
  • Co-firing workshops
  • Development of a financial model to evaluate the business case

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how we can help you assess the feasibility of your torrefaction plant project.

Case study: Feasibility study for wood pellet producer

A North American wood pellet producer approached us with the question if a torrefaction plant could improve its profitability. First we tested the different feedstocks available at the existing pellet operation. Next we conducted an analysis of how a torrefaction unit could be integrated into the existing pellet plant. Fianlly, we also evaluated the business case for producing torrefied pellets and exporting them to the European co-firing market.

Feasibility studies