License Blackwood's Torrefaction Technology

Are you interested in developing a torrefaction plant using our proven industrial scale FlashTor® technology? Blackwood has developed a world class torrefaction technology to produce high quality torrefied biofuel (aka biocarbon) from renewable biomass feedstock. We offer a comprehensive FlashTor® technology licensing package which allows our customers to exploit our proprietary and leading torrefaction technology.

Our scope of supply includes:
  • Process Design Package
  • Detailed engineering
  • Supply of key equipment of the FlashTor® torrefaction system, including multi-stage reactor system, lean gas combustor, product cooling and process control system
  • Installation supervision, working closely together with client’s EPC partner during construction phase
  • Commissioning, training and start-up support
  • Operational support
  • FlashTor® Technology Licensing for using Blackwood’s proprietary torrefaction technology

The FlashTor® system can be part of a greenfield torrefied pellet plant or can be added as a module to an existing regular wood pellet plant.

FlashTor® technology licensing

Blackwood is a specialized torrefaction technology company. Other torrefaction plant process areas, such as drying system and compacting system (pelletizing or briquetting) fall outside Blackwood’s scope of supply. However, together with our partners we can offer a turn-key torrefaction plant. And since we have built, owned and operated our own torrefaction plant before, our team has valuable operational experience and know-how about other plant areas. These areas include biomass handling and feeding systems, drying systems as well as compacting systems for torrefied biomass.

FlashTor® torrefaction plant

Blackwood has signed a licensing agreement with South African utility Eskom for the roll-out of torrefaction plants based on Blackwood’s patented FlashTor® technology. See press release.