Test Facility

Together with its partner TTCL, Blackwood operates a torrefaction testing facility in Thailand. The test facility is used for feedstock test programs for clients, as well as for Blackwood’s R&D programs. The facility includes a FlashTor® pilot plant, a cold flow test rig and an on-site laboratory. The laboratory allows us to conduct standard lab analyses, including moisture content, particle size distribution, pellet durability and calorific value determination. For more specialized lab analyses or if the client requests an independent test report, Blackwood uses reputable 3rd party laboratories specialized in biomass testing.

The test facility is used for determining the suitability for torrefaction of specific types of feedstock, as well as getting project specific input for feasibility and engineering studies.

Many different types of biomass feedstock have been successfully tested. Besides all kinds of woody biomass, other types of tested feedstocks include: straw, PKS, EFB, coconut shells, cocao shells, miscanthus, elephant grass and olive residues.

torrefaction test facility
Blackwood’s testing facility is located in the Ratchaburi province of Thailand.