Buy Torrefied Pellets (or "Black Pellets")

With our partner TTCL we operate a Demo plant in Thailand. The Demo plant is used for producing trial volumes for customers who want to conduct tests with torrefied pellets. The plant can produce both torrefied wood pellets and torrefied corn residue pellets. Since the start-up of the plant in 2022, we have supplied samples and test volumes to customers in Asia, Europe, the Americas, Europe and Australia.

If you are interested in buying test volumes, please contact us.

Case study: ESKOM tested black pellets in its RT&D centre

Eskom tested torrefied pellets produced in the Duiven plant in its RT&D centre. These tests included drop tube furnace testing, co-milling testing and co-firing testing on a 1 MWth combustion test rig. Next, using the test results Eskom also conducted CFD analysis to determine the impact of substituting fossil coal by torrefied biomass in the boiler of one of their power stations. Finally, based on the outcome of this test program Eskom was able to conclude that it can co-fire black pellets in its Arnot power station while using the existing coal infrastructure.

Arnot power station